Kolyseo - Juegos de casino, R. FRANCO GAMES
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Where Games live

The intelligence of online games developed by R. Franco Digital resides in Kolyseo. Kolyseo is where the games take place. It is a remote game server based on microservices scalable from a very small dimension to an almost unlimited capacity. This allows Kolyseo to be used in different gaming solutions, such as small independent rooms, cruise or ship rooms, casinos, server-based terminal systems or massive online gaming websites. In addition to scalability, the Kolyseo architecture guarantees server and transaction security and the entire system audit.


Kolyseo can host any type of games. Its APIs are generic and allow game developers to connect games to the server with a minimal and powerful interface. Some APIs allow the implementation of the back-office for games configuration and to get easily operational reports.

Kolyseo is integrated into our players platforms: IRIS and PAS. In addition, it has an additional connectivity module to make it very easy to operate with other platforms and integrate into any functioning casino.

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