Citius, Altius, Fortius

Welcome to the big event where you will at last be able to test your years of training in the field of chance. The best of the best ones, and you are among them.

Accuracy, a sense of timing and nerves of steel can make you succeed in this event and turn you into the winner of the Olympic gold. Not only should you be good: you should be the best. Empty your mind, forget about the stage fright and show the public that you deserve the highest spot on the podium.

Olympic Gold is a classic among classic games, number one in several countries. Many have tried to imitate it without success. Here we offer the real and true version: a five-reel game with a winning line and only seven figures. A prize is awarded whenever the winning line shows at least three figures on any reel position.

Did you come just to participate or to win?


Payout percentage: 95.11%
Volatility: 10.77%
Number of lines: 1
Hit frequency: 10.39%

Fully configurable default values