A crowd gathers in a circle in great expectation. One hundred on heads! Fifty here. Bills stack up. Large bets on tails! A moment of suspense. The player shows the coins and throws them… the square is silent as everybody awaits the result…

The coins game is a traditional game of chance that includes throwing two coins in a circle and betting a specific sum of money so that both coins fall on the desired side (heads or tails). The game recreates the atmosphere of betting rings in two different scenarios: indoors, in the typical premises, and outdoors, in a square. The player may change scenery at any time.

Throw the coins into the air and feel the thrill

Although the ring portrays several players betting, the Game of Coins is an individual game of chance where the player plays with the logics of a random number generator. Choose a sum to bet and heads or tails. Throw the two coins into the air and see if luck lands on your side.